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Höganäs - Ängelholm

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Utsikt över Arilds hamn

You cycle across the stunning Kullahalvön peninsula, full of art, farm shops and flea markets. The stretch is a mix of low rolling open fields and high hilly terrain with fantastic views.

After Höganäs you’ll pass by small harbours and bathing beaches such as Strandbaden and Nyhamnsläge. The trip con­tinues across the beautiful, dra­matic Kullahalvön peninsula. Just after Lerhamn is Krapperup For­tress, dating back to the 1500s.

On the furthest tip of Kullahalvön peninsula is the Kullaberg naturereserve, and if you have time for a detour, it’s well worth a visit. Kullaberg offers a variety of ac­tivities, including hiking and rock climbing. The highest point – Håkull – is 187 metres above sea level.

When you once again reach the sea, you’ll pass by the villages of Arild, Skäret, Jonstorp and Norra Häljaröd, and there are several nice cafes along this stretch.

On the way in towards Ängelholm is Kronoskogen. In the southern part of this forest, known as Sibirien (Siberia), there is an in­ teresting UFO monument.

Höganäs – A cavalcade of experiences await in the Kullahalvön pen- insula

The Höganäs Kullabygden area offers several hidden gems along Kattegattleden – everything from dramatic nature and family-friendly visitor destinations to places with that little bit extra that add sparkle to your cycling trip.

You’ll pass many delightful beaches suitable for bathing and picturesque harbours. In other words, you have a great deal to choose between when it’s time to stretch your legs and have a coffee break.

The focus is on food and drink in Höganäs Kullabygden. You’ll find a large number of cafes, restaurants, vineyards and farm shops. For those who enjoy art and ceramics, there’s also a great deal to be discovered.

Take the opportunity to pump up your tyres in Höganäs Mu­nicipality. There are practical public bike pumps along the path to help you keep going on your trip.

Ängelholm – City of activities and experiences!

Six kilometres of sandy beach, crystal clear water and pleasant sanddunes– Ängelholm, beautifully located in Skälderviken bay between the Bjärehalvön and Kullahalvön peninsulas, tempts you with magnificent nature experiences.

The Rönne å river winds through the town, enticing you to go canoeing or fishing. If you’re lucky you might catch some salmon, pike or perch, and if you’re passing through during the summer, a trip on the Laxen sightseeing boat is recommended.

In a leafy deciduous forest in the middle of town, you’ll find Ängelholms Hembygdspark, a wonderful oasis for all the fam­ily. It features a zoo with Nordic animals, five different museums and a delightful playground. Will you dare to go on the walkway high up among the treetops?

The railway museum and Ängel­holm aviation museum are two museums suitable for the entire family, and in central Ängelholm you’ll find everything from small, cosy shops and cafes to restau­rants where you can enjoy local produce.

Practical information

Remember to check the opening times of the destinations and sights you intend to visit and ideally book your accommodation in advance!

Sweden’s right of public access is a unique opportunity for everyone to roam freely in the countryside. But you also need to take responsibility for animal and plant life and show consideration for land owners and other visitors. Don’t disturb – don’t destroy, in other words. The right of public access is limited in national parks and nature reserves. It is always you as the person visiting the countryside who bears responsibility for being aware of the rules that apply in the area that you are visiting.

Also remember to keep the cycle path free of litter – take your rubbish with you to the nearest bin!

For more information visit Visit Höganäs and Ängelholms Turistcenter.

Surface 85% paved, 15% gravel.

Welcome to Kattegattleden!

39 km

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Utsikt mot Bjärehalvön norr om Arild Photographer: Kattegattleden
Utsikt strax norr om Höganäs Photographer: Kattegattleden
Stanna till vid en gårdsbutik Photographer: Kattegattleden
Äppelodlingar på Kullahalvön Photographer: Kattegattleden
Mitt på Kullhalvön mellan Arild och Nyhamnsläge Photographer: Kattegattleden
Ta en avstickare till vackra Mölle Photographer: Foto: Lena Evertsson
Utsikt över Arild hamn Photographer: Kattegattleden

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